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The Best Wedding Trends of 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

A new year is upon us, and with each year comes new trends. This year is a bit different from the past - as we've entered a new decade, and breaking the mold in traditional wedding decor with bold statements and textures. Certain trends of 2019 are still going strong, but we find ourselves saying goodbye to the majority and setting the bar high for 2020!

Before we begin, however, we have a few ground rules. Well, one rule - The Cardinal Rule of planning; and that is to always keep you and your partner in mind. Let's face it, trends come and go but the overwhelming feelings you have throughout the wedding planning process will stay with you forever - in good times and in bad.

So what's up with trends anyway? And why are they important? Trending styles and concepts are a great way to familiarize yourself with all the latest dos and dont's. Do they matter? Honestly, no, and as any Event Planner will tell you (we included), our primary focus is our amazing couples and their needs. When it comes to our clients, it's what they want, and not what the wedding industry deems "in." Though it's great to introduce the latest trends to clients, it's also up to our clients to interpret them as they wish, by either incorporating one (or more) to their details or just sticking to their own vision. Don't get us wrong, we love a good trend, but at the end of the day, our events are based on what our couples want and have envisioned. So with that said, Let us dish out the most coveted wedding decor trends of 2020!

In no particular order, let's take a look at some of our favorites.

1. Green Up!

It may not be a new trend, but it's one that is definitely standing its ground. What's more heartfelt than planning your wedding and also keeping Planet Earth in mind? Sustainable, Eco-friendly weddings are gaining popularity, not only because the trend is good for the environment, but because it keeps things simple. When committing to this style, consider having less to zero waste. For example, speak with your florist about eliminating floral foam in your centerpieces and working your desired look organically. Also, a great way to recycle your centerpieces is to donate to organizations like Random Acts of Kindness. When your day is over, your flowers can be picked up and reused to make arrangements that will ultimately be delivered to local nursing homes and hospitals. Does that not melt your heart? If you're one that's eliminating flowers altogether, give back, not only to the environment but to charitable causes. Gone are the days of wedding tchotchkes and baubles and in is the gesture of kindness. Consider in "lieu of favor" donations to charities closest to your hearts and in honor of your invited guests.

2. Translucent Details

We love acrylics for their fun, minimalistic and modern vibe. This clean, chic trend has been around for quite some time and will remain strong in 2020. Acrylic materials can be used and incorporated almost everywhere. From cake stands to centerpieces, invitations and signage there is no limit to where you can include this trend. The use of translucent details is a great way to stay on-trend but to also keep the focus on bigger design elements, like your floral arrangements. If you're loving this trend but are afraid it's too "see-through" try painting strokes of in-trend bold colors on the backs of your acrylic pieces or illuminating around candlelight.

Image Credits: Pinterest + Allen Tsai Photography/ Bridal Musings + Inside Weddings

3. Embellished Wedding Accessories

Glamming up for your big day isn't anything new, but incorporating unique accessories, with gorgeous embellishments is on-trend, and will take your wedding style on another level! We're talking hair brooches, pearl headbands, gem-encrusted veils in all lengths, lacey sheer capes, even crowns! Yes, you read it right ladies, C-R-O-W-N-S!

Image Credits: Monique Lhuiller Bride + InSyle Germany + Green Wedding

4. Color Blocking

In 2019 we were accustomed to neutral tones and pastel hues. We are taking a step back from all-white, monochromatic weddings and entering and entertaining a new realm of color. In 2020 we will be ditching subtle elements and welcoming rich and bold shades. Couples will be incorporating different forms of color blocking, by using contrasting hues to create dramatic and eye-catching decor.

5. Bold Patterns and Texture

Bold patterns, specifically, chinoiserie - in deep blue hues will be a major trend and design element in 2020. Invitations, backdrop coverings, and bars will have pattern facades incorporated to amp an overall style aesthetic. Textured linens, embroidered napkins and dining ware in an array of prints and patterns will be the key focal points, as some couples are opting to use fewer flowers and introducing more texture and design to their tablescapes.

6. Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses have come a long way from the traditional all-white or ivory. Today's brides are breaking the mold and ditching the once idealistic choice, and entertaining eye-catching embroideries, floral prints, statement-making patterns and hues that range from pastels to powerful bolds. Designers like Monique Lhuillier are embracing non-traditional looks, while still capturing the essence of a traditional bride, by showcasing unique styles for those daring to explore their sense of fashion and personal styles.

Image Credits - Monique Lhuillier Bride

8. Micro Weddings

Contrary to one's first thought, micro weddings are not elopements. As a matter of fact, there is a key difference between the two events. While both are small in size, Micro-weddings are full-on nuptials minus the headcount. Micro weddings are geared towards couples that want to keep their day intimate amongst their closest family, friends and loved ones, but plan each detail thoroughly as opposed to a spontaneous elopement. A micro wedding can consist of 5-50 guests, but it doesn't mean that the experience will be any less than a 300 person wedding. As a matter of fact, most couples that have decided towards micro weddings, are treating their guests to a macro experience. Couples choosing this size wedding want their immediate circles to feel appreciated - by focusing their overall budget on their guests - footing the bill for transportation and overnight hotel stays.

9. Rattan and Wicker

Taking the wedding industry by storm in 2019, rattan and wicker wedding decor accents were all the rage, and are still a strong accent point in 2020. We will be trading in glass vases for wicker baskets to display floral arrangements, lanterns will be suspended from ceilings and chivary chairs are a thing of the past as couples are for opting wooden and wicker options - this trend will bring a heavy dose of hippie chic flair to your venue. And we are obsessed!

10. Airy, Open Backdrops

We're taking a step back from heavy, bulky backdrops, and introducing an entirely new look for 2020. This light open-frame concept is a new spinoff of yesteryears Geometric wedding craze, and wedding planners are thrilled. We will be decorating these walls with gorgeous flowers, custom signage, neon lighting, and more. These screens can be used in a multitude of ways, like creating a focal point at your wedding, using for photo backdrops or downscale the trend and opt for frames in the form of unique table numbers.

Image Credits: Elegant Tea Time

Did we inspire you for your upcoming 2020 wedding? We hope so, and we thank you for taking the time to read our first Blog Post! Stay tuned for more posts, as we will be posting weekly. And don't forget, Contact Us for all of your planning and design needs!


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