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Planning the PERFECT Proposal! (Quarantine Edition)

If you're reading this post, Congratulations, you've decided to make things official with your significant other and pop the question. On the contrary, if you're reading this and planning a proposal because your initial plans were sabotaged, we apologize. A wedding proposal, is one of the biggest milestones in a young couples life. But what happens when your grand proposal plans are taken from right under your nose, due to a global pandemic?

I had a dear friend reach out to me, asking for tips and suggestions on how to plan the perfect proposal, amidst the unforeseen circumstances and quarantine life in full effect! We bet you, just like my dear friend, have been scouring the internet for ideas to pull off the perfect proposal; given the situation.

So we got to thinking and came up with a few tips that will turn tragedy into triumph! Don't let the current situation make you feel overwhelmed, and please don't stress! Take a deep breath and let us offer you some suggestions for a foolproof proposal; quarantine style!

1. The Great Outdoor Proposal

Being cooped up in the house we're sure has had it's downs, but what about a pick me up with some sunshine and a change of scenery? Depending on where you live, pick a spot that would be both romantic and close to home: such as a local park, trail or waterfront dock. Enlist one of your closest friends, relatives or small business (read more below) to go an hour or so before your arrival and set up some candles and flowers to set the mood. Your partner will have no idea, and think you were both leaving the house to get some much needed fresh air!

TIP: Hire a Photographer! Your proposal will be one of the biggest moments of your life, and capturing it on camera will be a decision that you won't live to regret. The memories you create alongside all of the emotions you both will share, will last forever. We highly recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture your special moment. Please remember to use Social Distancing. Photographers have amazing equipment, be rest assured you'll receive amazing images, even from afar.

2. Recreating Your Location

One of the most important parts of planning your proposal is the location that you choose. So how do you go about picking a location while in quarantine, and while half the country is shut down? If your initial proposal entailed a location where you had your first date or somewhere you’ve always talked about visiting together why not recreate the look and feel inside your home, or in your backyard? Fortunately for us, many restaurants are still open for curbside pickup. So if you wanted to propose at your favorite restaurant, or where you had your first date - why not bring the restaurant home? If you had plans of proposing somewhere tropical or at a beachfront resort, why not turn your backyard into a tropical oasis? Grab the essentials: lounge chairs, a beach umbrella, bamboo mats, a few tropical plants (read #4) some mai tais, and recreate your beach vacation right there in your backyard!

3. Invite your Loved Ones and Friends (Virtually)

If you're someone that knows it would mean the WORLD to your significant other to include all of her (and your) beloved family and close friends at your proposal, but now it's an impossible task, why not invite all for a group chat? While we're all practicing social distancing from one another, there are great options to stay connected. If you've been with your significant other for a while now, chances are your family and friends are waiting with anticipation for the BIG QUESTION! So set up a Zoom or FaceTime session and when the time is right (and it's your turn to "catch up") get down on one knee and pop the question with all your loved ones present.

TIP: Surprise Everyone! Just so you can keep your proposal a surprise and there are no slipups, invite everyone that you want to see your proposal a day or so ahead of time. Say that you want to have a group chat to catch up with everyone. From there and when it's your turn to do the catching up, you'll catch her completely off guard!

4. Enlist Local Small Businesses

If your town or city hasn't fully locked down, reach out to local planners and florists for décor and styling inspiration. Deliveries are still running on schedule, and curbside dropoffs are available to maintain distancing; though plan ahead and make sure there is availability for your ideas. Many small businesses had to postpone or cancel their March thru part of May Events, so they are eager to get back to work! Always support local! The creativity amongst many small businesses can create a once-in-a-lifetime amazing moment for you and your future fiance!

Than you for reading, and Congratulations again! If you're needing more information, assistance or product recommendations contact us here.


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