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Planning A Wedding or Event During COVID-19

We have had many concerned couples, clients and subscribers reach out with questions related to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Since it's outbreak, many of our clients were forced to make the difficult decision of postponing their event or canceling altogether.

The pandemic has rattled the wedding industry to its very core, and as a small niche community, we are working together to do the very best we can for our clients. We know that many of our close partnered vendors are struggling with the uncertainty of the pandemic, and the impact it has had on all of us. But we must keep the faith, and work to get through this together so that all of our clients are able to have the event of their dreams!

As we steer through the difficult decisions that need to be made in the next few weeks, we will continue to keep you updated and answer more of your questions and concerns. Below, you will find our client and social media subscriber Q&A; as we invited all to ask questions pertaining to the coronavirus and planning your wedding or events during this difficult time. If you have a question, that is not listed below, we will continue updating this blog post as questions come in: so please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help, and to shed some light on the situation. You are not alone in this, and we are here to help you in every step of the way. Our clients, current, and future are always our top priority. We WILL get through this!

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1. My wedding is scheduled for July 11th. Should I consider postponing?

For right now, our best advice for July weddings and beyond is to keep things the way they are. If by chance the circumstances are somewhat similar as they are today, then we can reevaluate the situation at the beginning of June, and decide then if postponing is the best option.

2. My wedding is in June, should I be thinking of postponing it?

Currently, weddings most affected are ones that were set to take place within 8 weeks. If your wedding is in June or beyond, there is no reason to postpone and should continue your wedding planning.

3. If I have to postpone, how far in the future should I set my wedding?

For this question, no one really knows the proper answer. It's a tough question because we are unsure of the unknown. However, our best advice would be to look at dates in July and beyond. If your new date nears, and things have yet to change, then we can postpone again.

4. What do I do if I already sent out my invitations for my May 2nd wedding, and have postponed for August? Do I resend invites?

If your invitations already went out, the best thing to do is to work with your stationery designer and suggest they create a "change of date" mailer. You can send it by mail or digitally. If you didn't work with a stationary designer our friends at have created some beautiful designs to print from home.

5. My fiance and I already sent out our save the date cards, and our date might be affected. Do we send a new announcement?

We always suggest to send out your invitations 7-8 weeks prior to your date. If your invitations are set to be sent out soon, there is no need to send out a new announcement. However, if you would like to announce your changed date for out of town guests, you can post the information through your wedding website or email.

6. Our March 28th wedding had to be postponed. We had a few declines - do we re-invite those guests when we figure out our new date?

Absolutely! The reason they declined was probably due to a prior engagement or their work schedule. They may be available to celebrate your postdated event!

7. What do I do if my deposits are nonrefundable?

We, alongside our preferred vendors, are trying to accommodate all of our clients as much as possible. Talk to your highest priority vendor first - chances are they'll apply your deposit for a future date.

8. Can I get my deposit back if a vendor is not available on the day we have postponed our wedding on?

Check and double-check your contracts! All vendors have their own set of policies. If you've postponed your event, and need to change vendors due to availability, chances are you may have lost your deposit. However, vendors are being very understanding during this current situation - talk to them to see all of your available options.

9. Our venue is saying that our deposits and payments are non-refundable. Help!

We are encouraging our couples and clients to postpone their events and not cancel. We understand it's a stressful time, but vendors are willing to work with you. There should be a clause in your contract that states that your deposits and payments can be used towards a new date if you're postponing. If you're canceling completely, you can talk to that vendor about the force majeure which is a clause that is included in most contracts to remove liability in unforeseeable circumstances that prevents someone from fulfilling their contractual obligations.

10. I still want to get married on my date. What do I do?

If your event is scheduled within the next 8 weeks, make sure you are following all the CDC guidelines. Many venues, even churches have put a stop to more than 10 people in their facilities. I am sure your hired vendors have already contacted you if you haven't contacted them already. If you're wanting to get married -on your original date - you can consider eloping, and then having your reception on a later date.

11. Is it possible that my vendors will change the date on us?

If you have a scheduled event that may not potentially be affected, the show should go on as scheduled. If, however, your vendor for whatever reason decides to put another client in priority, contractually you should receive your deposit back and look for another amazing vendor willing and available to work the day of your event.

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